CSTHComité de Sécurité Transfusionnelle et Hémovigilance (French: Blood Safety and Haemovigilance Committee)
CSTHChristianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality (book)
CSTHCenter for Spirituality, Theology and Health
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Our experiment is based on the CSTH Simulink model with closed-loop control, which is provided by Thornhill et al.
Based on the CSTH basic Simulink model, Gaussian noises are added to the three outputs of the CSTH.
The CSTH plant depicted in Figure 3 is simulated in Matlab/Simulink, and its execution starts with the predefined base values.
Boswell writes in the introduction to his book that his intent is to "rebut the common idea that religious belief--Christian or other--has been the cause of intolerance in regard to gay people" (CSTH 6; this and all other citations of CSTH refer to the University of Chicago edition of 1980 unless otherwise noted).
Boswell argues in Chapter Ten that proscriptions against homosexuals came about as a result of social change, but, unlike what had been claimed previous to the publication of CSTH, he argues that the legal prohibitions had been the result of a general interdiction in Europe against all groups that did not conform.
In Chapter Eleven, Boswell presents an analysis of the argument put forward by scholars in the High Middle Ages that marshaled denunciations of homosexuality, associating it with animal behavior and featuring the central claim that homosexuality "violated nature" (CSTH 303-10).
Kuefler's introduction to The Boswell Thesis relates CSTH's main arguments, gives a schematic account of the sociopolitical climate of the 1970s and 1980s, outlines the academic context in which Boswell intervened, catalogs scholars to whom Boswell was indebted, and gives a helpful overview of reactions to CSTH (1-9).
Meanwhile, Ralph Hexter, Boswell's literary executor, defends Boswell from accusations of essentialism by arguing that Boswell was not naive about important differences across time and by reminding us of Boswell's words in CSTH concerning the challenges of writing social history (40).
In doing so, they place CSTH in a context that is gripping to read (few historians would seem to have led such active and inspiring lives).
Anyone familiar with the continuing scholarly and political controversy surrounding CSTH will discover that Same-Sex Unions, while sharing many of Boswell's earlier concerns, takes a much more cautious approach to written sources and refuses to make unequivocal claims about their meanings and implications.