CSTHChristianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality (book)
CSTHCenter for Spirituality, Theology and Health
CSTHComité de Sécurité Transfusionnelle et Hémovigilance (French: Blood Safety and Haemovigilance Committee)
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For a clearer understanding of his translations, I read Appendix One in the 1981 Phoenix edition of CSTH (335-353) entitled "Lexicography and St.
The issue of translation aside, Moore asserts that Boswell "argues responsibly, plausibly, and with remarkable erudition" (382); he compliments Boswell for a study that is "admirably dispassionate and objective" and judges CSTH fundamental for future studies of sexual attitudes in the West (382).
Benton provides thoughtful discussion and posits reasonable alternatives, not just a positive evaluation of CSTH.
Having reviewed Boswell's use of literary and philosophical sources, Colish offered a paper at the 1981 annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion as an attempt not to undermine CSTH but to strengthen it.
During my interview with Lauritsen, he asserted that the scholarly reception of CSTH was "highly critical"; however, based on the evidence available, the reaction among scholars was mixed, a fact that can be confirmed by Paul B.
Wright also critiqued CSTH by employing philological arguments about specific words in Attic Greek uttered by St.
The various Christian reformation movements did not formally set aside the answers of Aquinas and, until the period just prior to the publication of CSTH, never embraced same-sex intimate behavior.
The publication of CSTH added an important historical dimension to these theological debates, helping to change the terms of the discussion from if and how the individual homosexual could be saved to a discussion about the historical place of homosexuals within Christianity.
Events leading up to the publication of CSTH indicated the beginnings of a fundamental shift in how churches and their parent denominations would address the question of homosexuality during these debates.
1955) than to McNeill's The Church and the Homosexual (Beacon, 1976), Boswell admired McNeill's work and frequently quoted from it in CSTH (406).
In the Bulletin de Theologie, Ancienne et Medievale, an important annual journal of ancient and medieval theology that compiles studies on the Church from the New Testament to early seventeenth century, an anonymous reviewer gives a positive review of CSTH, referring back to the statement of the SCDF in 1975 as a starting point in reappraising pastoral care of homosexuals in the Church.
Hauerwas singles out for special notice chapter six of CSTH, where Boswell discusses moral and theological rationales--specifically the comparison, during the third through sixth centuries, of human to animal behavior in order to " .