CSTLChemical Science and Technology Laboratory
CSTLCarbon Steel
CSTLCenter for Scholarship in Teaching and Learning (School of University Studies; est. 1985; Cape Girardeau, MO)
CSTLCentre for Studies in Teacher Librarianship (Australia)
CSTLCooling Seasonal Total Load (air conditioning)
CSTLCryptographic and Security Testing Laboratory (cybersecurity)
CSTLClinical Study Team Leader
CSTLClient Services Team Leader (customer service)
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Equation 8 is deduced from the physical definition of SePLV = CSTL / CSEC.
The CSTL after accreditation would be able to issue internationally acceptable certificates of seed analysis which would be a value addition to agri-product in terms of seed exports.
Another strategy used by CSTL to garner support that might be used by others is to respond quickly to neighbor concerns.
The ratings on CSTL and CGM have in the past moved in tandem with the SACP on Citigroup as CSTL and CGM are wholly owned subsidiaries and core members of Citibank N.A.
Funded by NASA, Computer Associates, Curtin University in Australia and Adelphi University in New York, CSTL, under the direction of Dr.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Physics and Chemical Science and Technology (CSTL) laboratories are working towards improving reference thermometers for industry and research.
The company, publicly traded on the over-the-counter market under the NASDAQ symbol CSTL, is headquartered in Santa Clara.
Participants from the larger study were recruited from Clean and Sober Transitional Living (CSTL) in a Northern California county.
* Castle Biosciences, Inc.(NASDAQ: CSTL) gained 14.2% to close at $22.75.