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CSTNColor Super Twist Nematic
CSTNColor Super Twisted Nematic
CSTNConnecting Solo Travel Network
CSTNCircuit-Switched Telephone Network (digital networking)
CSTNCaudal Spinal Trigeminal Nucleus (medicine)
CSTNCellworx Service Transport Node (ADC)
CSTNCanadian Sea Turtle Network
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The TFS full line of standard off-the-shelf products now makes passive CSTN and active TFT color display technologies viable for OEMs that need to integrate the optimal display solution for their product without incurring the additional cost in time and money required for the design and development of a full-custom display.
The full TFS display product line includes TFT, CSTN, FSTN, and OLED technologies, and products are available ranging in size from small to medium display modules (1.1" to 10.4") to large flat panel displays (up to 40").
Browne claimed: "CSTN has been the victim of a conspiracy."
The a-Si TFT-LCD is replacing CSTN with a shrinking price gap and better display performance.
Shipments of a-Si thin film transistor-liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCDs) (including cell shipments) for cellphones accounted for 52.3% of cellphone shipments in 2009, up from 44.6% in 2008, as suppliers shifted their business from Color super-twisted nematic (CSTN) and monochrome super twisted nematic (MSTN).
The A38 features a 1.4" colour display with CSTN LCD display technology, 32-chord ringtones, calendar, alarm clock, world clock, calculator and Privacy Manager to protect the user from unwanted incoming calls.
On the LCD side, the on-chip programmable color LCD controller is capable of driving a wide range of LCD displays (STN, CSTN, TFT) including Sharp's leading edge Highly Reflective TFT (HR-TFT) and Advanced TFT (A-TFT) displays providing up to 64K colors and up to 800x600 resolution.
The country also produced 50.4% Color super-twisted nematic (CSTN) panels, especially BYD, for the handsets which were mainly made for emerging markets.
UTStarcom's C1161 800MHz clamshell handset with a 1.5" CSTN 65k colour screen display will be available to S-Fone's subscribers in Vietnam.