CSTPCertified Software Test Professional (International Institute for Software Testing)
CSTPCommercial SATCOM Terminal Program
CSTPCo-Operative Scholarship Testing Program
CSTPCustomer Specific Term Plan
CSTPConceptual Site Treatment Plan
CSTPCrew Scheduling & Training Plan
CSTPClient/Server Transaction Processing
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In addition to the CSTP, key elements of the California Common Core state standards, such as choice, flexibility, discovery, creativity, and technology enhancements, are highlighted in the program.
Regarding the first pillar, the CSTP, as responsible for formulating STI policy and ensuring its sound implementation, has identified five grand challenges to be tackled:
94) Toronto Polices Service, Annual Report 1999 (Toronto: Toronto Police Service, 1999); and CSTP, Who's the Target?
CSTP researchers will develop and test a multidisciplinary approach that uses engineering analysis, clinical behavioral research and randomized control trials to study the effects of novel tobacco products.
Moreover, these CSTP power stations can operate in the same way as conventional thermic power stations by tapping into stored energy.
Furthermore, the CSTP should have more authority to improve framework conditions for innovation.
The second category is the image of the learner: CSTP #4-Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for Students.
CSTP can help people learn to move from being 'users of services and choosers of governments' to 'makers of policy and shapers' of future directions (to use the distinction made by Gaventa, 2001).
CSTP Tire plans to produce 300,000 radial tires initially in 2004 and aims to make 750,000 tires in 2006.
The conclusion of the CSTP is expected in the near future.