CSTRSCalifornia State Teachers Retirement System
CSTRSCarriage Stream, Tow, and Recovery System
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The spare parts are critical to keeping the Navy's maintenance cycle as short as possible," said Ed Peretin, CSTRS Program Manager.
As CTC's for-profit affiliate, EVC is able to take the CSTRS project to production.
Twelve years ago, CTC conducted its first feasibility study for the CSTRS project.
The MH-60S helicopter-mounted CSTRS capability, part of US Navy%s Organic Airborne Mine Countermeasures (OAMCM) programme, provides an extra measure of safety for the crew while allowing the US Navy%s Littoral Combat Ships to readily respond to mine threats.
EVC and CTC Capabilities vice president David Schario said CTC served as the prime contractor for the US Navy%s OAMCM CSTRS programme for almost 15 years.
Navy OAMCM CSTRS Program, CTC developed and manufactured prototype equipment that will allow littoral combat ships to respond quickly and proficiently to mine threats in dangerous waters.
The CSTRS-T will support training for the CSTRS winch operator skill acquisition and refresher training on normal, emergency, and degraded procedures.