CSTXCombat Support Training Exercise (US Army)
CSTXCommunity Shares of Texas
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The 250th went on to participate in the CSTX mission--going even further above the call of duty by providing line haul support and transporting equipment belonging to the 311 th Expeditionary Sus-tainment Command and the 304th Sus-tainment Brigade to the exercise.
Commenting about the ongoing Combat Support Training Exercise at the base, Public Affairs Officer Amy Phillips said in a statement released Monday, "CSTX ensures America's Army Reserve units and Soldiers are trained and ready to deploy on a moment's notice, bringing capable, combat-ready, and lethal firepower in support of the Army and our joint partners anywhere in the world."
At the same time, eighteen soldiers were tasked with transporting the battalion's equipment to Camp Roberts, CA for a Combat Support Training Exercise (CSTX).
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