CSUCCalifornia State University at Chico
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It describes the key events and interactions occurring between FFIC and CSUC during the implementation of the partnership.
FFIC mentors monitor the scope of the projects and the CSUC faculty director handles the logistics.
CSUC and FFIC have partnered to create one such environment.
Instead of paying expensive monthly charges for features and usage of their system per line, CSUC now owns and operates the equipment that provides campus wide telephone communication.
This will enable CSUC to improve network uptime, increase staff productivity, and reduce operating costs.
Their dedication to the solutions and services they offer exceeded my expectations and we are thrilled to have them as a partner," said Scott Claverie, interim director of computing and communications services at CSUC.
Acquisition of switches and routers for the nodes of the presence of the "Scientific Ring" of CSUC, for the interconnection of user entities, RedIRIS, CATNIX and operator CSUC-CN and CSUC-T, as well as the interconnection between the two nodes, with a high availability solution redundant, flexible, modular and scalable.
Acquisition of a platform attack mitigation Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and provision of associated services for the Anella Scientific of CSUC ~designed to 1) detection of DDoS attacks offline via NetFlow;2) mitigation of DDoS attacks diverting traffic attacked by dynamic routing protocol BGP, without deviating or interfere with the rest of the regular traffic projects or other institutions;3) the provision of a single console to manage, regardless of whether the platform is formed.