CSUCICalifornia State University - Channel Islands (Camarillo, CA)
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Landscape professionals should send entries to Peggy Hinz, Director of Communications and Marketing, CSUCI Advancement Office, 1 University Dr.
The completion of CSUCI will ensure that the CSU system continues to provide affordable, top-quality educational opportunities to the next generation of leaders.
Through academic excellence and an innovative curriculum, CSUCI will help graduates pursue their academic and professional dreams.
All of this is happening faster than administrators can have the letters CSUCI or the school mascot, a dolphin, silk-screened onto T-shirts and sweat shirts.
Surrounded by the Santa Monica Mountains and fields of strawberries, cilantro and onions, the campus isn't expected to expand beyond its perimeters, a concern among some residents before CSUCI had opened, Long said.
CSUCI is the 23rd campus in the state university system and still has a small enrollment, around 2,500, but is expected to serve 15,000 full-time students in about 10 years.
CSUCI professor Aloisio plans to take 25 students to Japan this month to learn about physics with the bullet train and gain lessons on global warming at Kyoto University.
7 acres on Lewis Road in Camarillo, about a quarter mile north of CSUCI.
CSUCI biology professor Nancy Mozingo, 43, and her husband, Steven Norris, 44, a biology lecturer, said they're happy to make that trade-off in exchange for an affordable home for themselves and their daughter, Elizabeth, 2.
CSUCI serves 2,366 students and offers 10 bachelor's degrees and single- and multiple-subject teaching credentials.
This will be part of a county mental health complex with two other residential facilities about a quarter-mile north of CSUCI.
This year we wanted to include our local art students in the auction and CSUCI has committed to donate four pieces of student art,'' said Martha Zeiher, director of fund-raising for the event.