CSUDCenter for Sustainable Urban Development (Columbia University; New York)
CSUDComputer Software User Documentation
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This study examines the CAL and CSUD based on the field survey in Pakistan by using qualitative and quantitative techniques.
through a structured questionnaire having three sections for CAL CSUD and demographics of respondents.
The qualitative tools enable the researchers to explore CAL and CSUD in the local setting of Pakistan.
###and Customer' Service Utilization Decision (CSUD)
Table 4 reveals the results of Pearson's correlation between CAL and CSUD among customers of Islamic banks in Pakistan.
Table 5 indicates the results of regression model that was used to assess the impact of CAL on CSUD among customers of Islamic banks.
Results indicate that there is significant positive relationship between CAL and CSUD. Moreover it is found that CAL has significant impact on CSUD.