CSUEBCalifornia State University East Bay
CSUEBCalifornia State University Employment Board
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Education Project at CSUEB. His research studies how organizations
In another synergy project, CSUEB collaborated with California State University, Northridge to pilot a virtual computing lab.
"Although every campus tends to believe it has its own systems and processes, they all have administrative work that is transactional," says Mohammad Qayoumi, CSUEB's president.
Several years ago, CSUEB moved from an embedded IT team structure in each college to a shared services model, an effort that saved money and provided professional development opportunities.
Although far from being ideal, the CSUEB credential program for Chinese teacher candidates is considered the best at this time because other Chinese credential programs offered by other higher education institutions do not offer any Chinese pedagogy course.
CSUEB is one of the 23 campuses that constitute the largest university system in the world.
More importantly, we learned that community partnerships are powerful and can lead to mutual benefits that our community partners do not come to us empty handed, but with valuable resources and that together we are powerful beyond imagination (CSUEB Dept.
* Candidates selected by regional superintendent and CSUEB faculty.
* Professor selected from exemplary district administrators and CSUEB program graduates.
At one middle school, the assistant principal, a master's degree candidate at CSUEB, made it his practice to debrief his classroom observations with the teachers whom he had observed.
Candidates in the credential and master's degree programs in Educational Leadership at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) report, in surveys of graduates, that the knowledge and skills they gain through the programs are useful to them as school leaders.
Avi Brooks is an assistant professor in the Communication Department at California State University, East Bay (CSUEB).