CSULCalifornia State University Los Angeles
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By integrating food production into a living, working urban community, the CSUL is the next step in the evolution of urban housing.
The CSUL is constructed of an all-weather, fiberglass shaft with reflective stripes.
In addition to gathering input from other campus units while designing the CSUL copyright subject guide, the LCTF also looked beyond Colorado State University to review the online copyright information provided by other academic libraries.
As implied in the previous paragraphs, copyright information within the CSUL website has evolved in answer to the growing complexity of intellectual property issues facing the library staff and campus at large.
With the ease of using new web-based platforms, many institutions, including CSUL, have opted to mount topical material--including information related to intellectual property issues--in subject guide formats such as LibGuides.
The novice user was a junior-year double major in music and history who had worked within the CSUL system in the Archives and Special Collections Department.