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The focal point of the CSUL will be the greenhouse, a controlled agriculture environment.
By integrating food production into a living, working urban community, the CSUL is the next step in the evolution of urban housing.
For more information on Loyola University's Center for Sustainable Urban Living (CSUL), visit: www.scb.com/work/institutional/health-sciences/institute-urban-environmental-sustainability-loyola-university.
A review of literature related to the topics examined within this article was conducted via searches of two library science databases (Library Literature and Information Science and Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts), the CSUL online catalog, and several books previously consulted by the authors.
The director and staff seemed especially intrigued by some of our recent outreach and events at CSUL, including the traveling exhibits that we have set up for the Agricultural and Natural Resources Archive at Denver's National Western Stock Show, the annual fundraiser for the Water Resources Archive, and "Friends of the Library" events highlighting Special Collection materials.
Interestingly enough, we have since discovered that the Engels archive has significant holdings documenting the historical agrarian activities of Saratov-region residents, which complement the holdings in our Agricultural and Natural Resources Archive at CSUL. In addition to documents contained within the Fond of Administration of National Accounting (1918-1941), which contains statistical information on animal stock, fruit plantations, crop condition and drought, the Archives' Fond of the People's Commissariat of Agriculture contains information on "field-seeding, harvest-works, land measuring works and reclamation works, [and the] development of forestry" .
The CSUL is constructed of an all-weather, fiberglass shaft with reflective stripes.
In addition to gathering input from other campus units while designing the CSUL copyright subject guide, the LCTF also looked beyond Colorado State University to review the online copyright information provided by other academic libraries.
As implied in the previous paragraphs, copyright information within the CSUL website has evolved in answer to the growing complexity of intellectual property issues facing the library staff and campus at large.
With the ease of using new web-based platforms, many institutions, including CSUL, have opted to mount topical material--including information related to intellectual property issues--in subject guide formats such as LibGuides.
Companies like CSUL, Caterpillar, Dipo Star, SANF, and Komatsu Astra are partly or wholly owned by producers or dealers heavy equipment.
CSUL is 99.9% owned by Trakindo which is a dealer of Caterpillar heavy equipment.