CSULACalifornia State University Los Angeles
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CSULA students were drawn from the local communities and they were representing proportionality of the ethnic composition of the Greater Los Angeles Areas (Liang, Keating, Lee, Bridges, Tarn, 2007).
CSU San Marcos and CSULA offer their RN-BSN programs utilizing a self-support model.
In addition to championing diversity and access for low-income students of color at CSULA, Rosser presided over a campus expansion that added more than one million square feet of building space to the 173-acre campus.
March 2006: Drawing from the oral histories and artifacts from Balderrama's course, Terry Cannon presents "Mexican American Baseball in Los Angeles: From the Barrios to the Big Leagues" at CSULA.
During the competition, CSULA said the Super Eagle, which features an advanced electronic fuel injection system, an aerodynamic carbon fiber-Kevlar-aluminum composite body and ultra-high engine efficiency, achieved a record fuel economy of 1,615 miles per gallon (mpg), beating 39 other student teams from the U.
In response to the telephone call, Koga's office changed the profile on his Web site to read CSULA.
Susan Kang is a junior in the Nursing Program at CSULA who will be completing her rotations at Cedars-Sinai.
During 1998-99 Malecki served as director of curriculum and instruction for the School of Natural and Social Sciences at CSULA.
The CSULA faculty developed the course material and provided help to students.
Los Angeles, CA: Institute for Asian American and Pacific American Studies, CSULA.
Hoban was enrolled at CSULA focused on the development of a social studies unit.
He is a professor of chemistry at CSULA and is a visiting associate at Caltech in the Applied Physics department.