CSULACalifornia State University Los Angeles
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In addition to championing diversity and access for low-income students of color at CSULA, Rosser presided over a campus expansion that added more than one million square feet of building space to the 173-acre campus.
During the competition, CSULA said the Super Eagle, which features an advanced electronic fuel injection system, an aerodynamic carbon fiber-Kevlar-aluminum composite body and ultra-high engine efficiency, achieved a record fuel economy of 1,615 miles per gallon (mpg), beating 39 other student teams from the U.
In response to the telephone call, Koga's office changed the profile on his Web site to read CSULA.
He co-edited two volumes on the Los Angeles civil unrest, Los Angeles: Struggles Toward Multiethnic Community (University of Washington Press, 1995) and Building Multiethnic Coalitions in Los Angeles (Institute for Asian American and Pacific American Studies at CSULA, 1995).
Rosser stepped down last June, after 33 years of service as the sixth president of CSULA.
She was previously an adjunct faculty member at CSULA from 1989 to 1992, a teacher at the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind from 1988 to 1989 and a special education teacher for the Los Angeles County Office of Education from 1986 to 1988.
He told the party he had confused the acronym CSULA with UCLA, as the University of California at Los Angeles is commonly known.
News & World Report has recognized CSULA for high-quality engineering and business programs.
The council agreed to pay $1 million annually for operation of the Regional Forensic Crime Lab, set to open in April on the CSULA campus.
CSULA, however, also reports that it has no record that anyone of Koga's name ever attended classes there.
Musician Mark Guerrero, a CSULA alumnus and son of the legendary Mexican American musician Lalo Guerrero, is also featured in the exhibit.