CSUMBCalifornia State University, Monterey Bay (California)
CSUMBCommunity Start-Up and Maintenance Benefits (Ontario, Canada)
CSUMBChuckling Softly Under My Breath
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CSU prepared an EIR analyzing the impacts of adopting a Master Plan to substantially increase enrollment at CSUMB. The EIR concluded that expanding the campus would result in significant environmental impacts including: 1) drainage impacts from increased development-related runoff, 2) increased water supply demand, 3) increased traffic on off-campus roads, 4) increased sewage flows, and 5) need for increased fire protection.
The program originated and operated for more than a decade at the University of Washington's Tacoma campus; it was eventually combined with a similar existing course at CSUMB. The program incorporates a combination of guided group research projects and independent research projects conducted by undergraduates mentored by faculty.
CSUMB spread its grant budget out over the first three years to purchase equipment.
Educators at CSUMB and Rolling Hills agreed that accelerating the students' understanding of algebra would provide them with the skills and confidence to succeed in math in high school and college.
Using underwater video and the CSUMB ship's precise positioning capabilities, they verified the correlation between the egg clusters and the patterns on the sonar images.
CSUMB has turned to suppliers such as OfficeMax and Staples for recycled paper, and Fisher Scientific for laboratory and other science products.
When Richard Bains and I came to CSUMB in 1995, we found the university struggling as a new entity with how to best serve the surrounding region.
The Political Project, developed by my colleagues at CSUMB, first asks students to define what counts as "politics." They choose a community group with whom they work to change the world in a way consonant with their values: they do politics.
As a member of the CSUMB Visible Knowledge Project (VKP) research group, I have focused my research on how digital histories help students become citizen historians.
have transformed CSUMB from a military base into an educational one.