CSUMBCalifornia State University, Monterey Bay (California)
CSUMBChuckling Softly Under My Breath
CSUMBCommunity Start-Up and Maintenance Benefits (Ontario, Canada)
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The Spain Summer Program at CSUMB (CSUMB Spain) shares three of the categories identified by the American Association of Colleges and Universities as high-impact practices (Kuh 2008).
CSUMB spread its grant budget out over the first three years to purchase equipment.
Educators at CSUMB and Rolling Hills agreed that accelerating the students' understanding of algebra would provide them with the skills and confidence to succeed in math in high school and college.
CSUMB President Dianne Harrison is also very forward thinking and understands the importance of leveraging technology to increase the safety of their students.
Out of this realization, Garcia has created an innovative model for second-language acquisition in the English Composition classroom at CSUMB that combines student research of local communities with the expressive use of poetry.
Offering a variety of bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and teaching credentials, CSUMB has been recognized as a school "with outstanding examples of academic programs that are linked to student success" by U.
How, then, does cultural citizenship manifest itself among Mexican-origin students on the CSUMB campus?
Universities like CSUMB are looking to add online programs to reach more students.
The paper shuffle is considered to be the finishing touch to conclude the sale the first step in a win-win-win situation that keeps the Steinbeck Center open, forms a CSUMB satellite campus (of sorts) in downtown Salinas, and invites more joint ventures and cooperation between the university and local schools.
According to a statistical analysis of undergraduates from 1995 to fall 2002--prepared by CSUMB research analyst, Abe Abrams--slightly over 20% of our incoming freshmen are Mexican, Mexican American, or Chicana-Chicano/LatinaLatino.
We are engaging with the community in all sorts of innovative ways," said Diane Cordero de Noriega, provost and academic vice president with CSUMB.