CSUSBCalifornia State University, San Bernardino
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Opened in 1965 and set at the foothills of the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains, CSUSB serves more than 20,000 students each year and graduates about 4,000 students annually.
CSUSB chose NextGen Web Solutions as its partner, paying $8,000 the first year for development.
To address the problem, CSUSB has hired a task force that will oversee domestic and international recruitment efforts.
Mike Stull, the Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship at CSUSB and organizer of the Spirit Awards, stated at last night's event: "This ceremony is all about honoring the role models for the community, the local heroes who can inspire our students, the next generation of business owners and entrepreneurs.
In addition to its nationally accredited MBA program and a teacher preparation program that is among the country's 10 largest, CSUSB offers learning tracks in computer science, geographic information and decision sciences, psychology, accounting and finance, health and public administration, and much more.
The CSUSB project is designed to help future secondary and primary math teachers make good educational use of computer technology, taking advantage of recent developments in hardware, software, and educational research.
Against CSUSB, Phil Seston tripled and scored the first run of the game, and Seth Johnson added an RBI triple in the sixth.
While Web-based courses are not new, CSUSB has the first teacher-credentialing program in California to offer an online option for all required coursework.
Many Festival activities will be held on the CSUSB Palm Desert Campus at Interstate 10 and Cook Street.