CSUTCBConfederación Sindical Única de Trabajadores Campesinos de Bolivia (Spanish: Trade Union Confederation of Rural Workers of Bolivia; Bolivia)
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Pueblos indigenas y Estado Boliviano--Una aproximacion as sus relaciones desde la cupula de la CSUTCB.
30, the CSUTCB issued a statement calling for an indefinite national strike, with the blocking of all roads and all agricultural transport as of Jan.
In support of the coca growers, Aymara and Quechua factions of the CSUTCB said that if the committees fail to reach an acceptable agreement, they would erect roadblocks.
The CSUTCB, the Confederacion Sindical de Colonizadores de Bolivia (CSCB), and the Confederacion de Pueblos Indigenas de Bolivia (CPIB) make up this alliance.
The key demand by the CSUTCB is for the government to invest US$100 million in productive rural development for campesinos.
In the agreement, the CSUTCB said it would lift the roadblocks, and the government said it would withdraw the military and police from the area, release 97 people who were detained during the demonstrations, and resume meetings with the campesinos.