CSWICommittee on the Status of Women in India
CSWIClinical Social Work Institute (est. 1999; Washington, DC)
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However, during the CSWI process, coal mass is subjected to a forcedly water-saturated process by injecting pressurized water into it.
The performance of CLSWI was assessed by comparing its results with those of continuous SWI, LSWI, and CSWI. To construct different saline CWI techniques (CSW and CLSW), geochemical analysis was used to estimate C[O.sub.2] solubility at specific temperature and pressure.
Based on this model, numerical modeling of CSWI and CLSWI was conducted, and the performances of both processes were compared.
To compare the performance of CLSWI to that of other techniques, continuous SWI, LSWI, and CSWI were also modeled.
CSWI operates across three segments, including industrial products; coatings, sealants and adhesives; and specialty chemicals.
The depositary for the offer has advised Harris that as of the expiration time, a total of approximately 12,382,907 CSWI shares were validly tendered in the offer and not withdrawn (including approximately 715,684 shares delivered through notices of guaranteed delivery), representing approximately 85.6% of the outstanding common stock and 100% of the outstanding preferred stock of CSWI.
Harris expects to complete the acquisition of CSWI promptly through a short-form merger of a wholly?owned subsidiary with and into CSWI, with CSWI as the surviving corporation.
The consummation of the tender offer is conditioned on the tender of a majority of the outstanding shares of CSWI s common stock and other customary conditions that are specified in the offer documents.
The acquisition, which will be completed pursuant to a cash tender offer for all of CSWI s common and preferred stock followed by a second step merger, has been unanimously approved by the boards of directors of Constellation, Harris and CSWI.
CSWI is engaged in the development and sale of internally developed software and the sale and distribution of computers and network and communications hardware, as well as interactive collaborative classroom technologies.
The parties will also issue to SEC a statement containing a recommendation of CSWI's board to shareholders to back the offer and tender their stock to it.
Once the deal closes, CSWI will become a fully-owned unit of N Harris.