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4, 2000, at 46-47; Henry, supra note 76, at 106-08; Meg Urry, Letter from the Editor: Speeding Up the Long Slow Path to Change, CSWP GAZETTE, Fall 2002, at 5; Monique I.
Sam, who works for careers guidance company, CSWP, is hoping to boost his fundraising with a charity race night at the Jaguar Sports Club in Browns Lane on Saturday, March 23, with prizes for winning horses, a raffle and bar.
CSWP works with private, public, voluntary and education organisations to ensure all sectors of the area's economy work together to provide a better quality of life for people in Coventry and Warwickshire.
All of those involved work towards improving people's lives: Midland Heart, Orbit Heart of England, West Midlands Fire Service, CSWP, Coventry City Council Entry to Employment Team, Open Door Employment Programme, The Cook and Eat Well Programme, the Youth Offending Service, West Midlands Police, Coventry City Youth Services and, of course, us at Whitefriars Housing.
Leamington based careers adviser with CSWP, Joanne Robinson, said: "Warwickshire used to provide discounted bus passes.
Chairman of the group Brian Woods- Scawen, who also chairs CSWP, said the latest figures released by Jobcentre Plus were the clearest indication that local reaction to the closure had proved successful.
They also had chance to talk to experts from CSWP - The Careers Guidance Company.
Jacqueline Ffrench, careers adviser with Coventry-based CSWP - The Careers Guidance Company, has drawn up some advice for parents whose children are getting ready for the big day.
Dr Brian Woods-Scawen, chairman of CSWP and the Peugeot Partnership, welcomed the development.