CSWRCenter for Southwest Research (New Mexico)
CSWRCenter for Severe Weather Research (Boulder, CO)
CSWRCenter for the Study of World Religions (Harvard Divinity School; Cambridge, MA)
CSWRClinical Social Worker
CSWRCenter for Social Work Research (various locations)
CSWRCanadian Social Work Review (journal; Canadian Association for Social Work Education)
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The events also increased the visibility of the ERAU meteorology program and the CSWR and NSF educational deployment programs.
Table 3 details the scanning strategy for each IOP; in general, ERAU C-BREESE maintained the five standard scanning elevations recommended by the CSWR technician (Table 3).
In addition, they allowed ERAU C-BREESE and CSWR to keep detailed deployment logs, which were very useful for data analysis later in the course.
30) "Some Definitions of Community Development," in CSWR, Peace Corps Collection, Folder "Training Guide to Basic Components, 1962," 1-3.
One issue that has been raised is whether CSWR should identify another research focus to encourage faculty collaboration and federal funding pursuits.
The UT-SSW accomplished a great deal with its RDP infrastructure grant, which was obtained through strong leadership, a research culture and CSWR infrastructure already in place, and faculty members from UT--Austin and other universities who were willing to mentor junior and senior faculty new to this process.
Originals from photostat copies, Biblioteca Nacional, Legajo 8, Parte 4, CSWR.
Marriages, Archives of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe (AASF), microfilm reel 26, frame 187, CSWR.
The UU students and CSWR personnel visited Sandy Creek's Central School, a rural K-12 district serving areas east of Lake Ontario and portions of Tug Hill, as well as the Pulaski High School in Pulaski, New York, which similarly services areas east of Lake Ontario and portions of Tug Hill.
ID Platform Owner/operator A UWKA NSF facility, UW B Wyoming Cloud Radar NSF facility, UW C Wyoming Cloud Lidar NSF facility, UW D DOW 6 and DOW 7 NSF facility, CSWR E DOW 8 (rapid scan) NSF facility, CSWR F MUPS (wide range of observations) MU G MIPS (wide range of observations) UAH H Radiosonde sounding systems HWS, MU, SUNY-O, UIUC, UU I iMet rawinsonde/anasphere liquid NCAR/RAL, NASA water sonde J Hydrometeor videosonde UU (HYVIS) snow crystal camera K MRRs (4) UU, SUNY-A L North Redfield Snow Study UU Station (meteorological variables, snow depth, camera) M Sandy Creek Snow Study Station UU (meteorological variables, snow depth, camera) N UW Hotplate (snowfall) UW O Mobile surface snow observations SUNY-O P CSWR weather Pod CSWR ID Location Reference A Mobile www.
These sites were then refined based on site surveys with CSWR personnel that assessed height clearance for the DOW, ground clutter, and beam blockage.
A "playbook" in the operations manual contained the different scan modes, with selection of the appropriate mode guided by the senior PIs and CSWR staff during the project.