CSWRCenter for Southwest Research (New Mexico)
CSWRCenter for Severe Weather Research (Boulder, CO)
CSWRCenter for the Study of World Religions (Harvard Divinity School; Cambridge, MA)
CSWRClinical Social Worker
CSWRCenter for Social Work Research (various locations)
CSWRCanadian Social Work Review (journal; Canadian Association for Social Work Education)
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Additional mesovortices in Harvey were observed by CSWR DOW8 before and after the eyewall passed their location.
Figure 8 shows the measured wind speeds from four observations collected by the FCMP and CSWR assets located 500 m apart at the site.
(26) "The Peace Corps Training Program: A Guide to its Basic Components, Division of Training, Fourth Revision," 15 June, 1962, in CSWR, Peace Corps Collection, Folder "Training Guide to Basic Components, 1962," i-3.
It was a culture shock for most faculty members who were accustomed to conducting research with state or nonprofit agencies that seek out CSWR's services (Lewis, Henney, McRoy, & White, 2002), and there were disappointments when federal proposal submissions were not successful.
Notes: CSWR = conversation specifications and work requirements, bean rag = pennant flag signifying crew is having a meal, splice the mainbrace means the officially-sanctioned serving of liquor onboard, unodir = unless otherwise directed, seadu = sea duty.
(28.) Archivo General de la Nacion (AGN), Inquisicion, Legajo 372, photostat copies, CSWR. From transcriptions by France V.
The UU students and CSWR personnel visited Sandy Creek's Central School, a rural K-12 district serving areas east of Lake Ontario and portions of Tug Hill, as well as the Pulaski High School in Pulaski, New York, which similarly services areas east of Lake Ontario and portions of Tug Hill.
The 12 MET 628 students enrolled in the course became principal investigators (PIs) for HERO and handled all radar operations and deployments under the advisement of the senior PIs and CSWR staff.