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CSXChessie Seaboard Multiplier (railroad transportation company)
CSXCayman Islands Stock Exchange
CSXChangsha, China (Airport Code)
CSXCardiac-Specific Homeobox
CSXSeaboard Coastline Railroad
CSXCar Stock Exchange (game; Edmonds Inc.)
CSXCounter-Strike Xbox (gaming)
CSXCommonStore for Exchange (IBM)
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Murray Energy was forced to file these lawsuits, in addition to the ongoing proceedings before the STB, in order to hold CSX accountable for their gross lack of service, flagrant disregard for our agreements, and their lack of effectively doing anything to correct their failures to provide contracted service mandated by the federal government," said Robert E.
Company executive vice president and chief financial officer Frank Lonegro said, "Moving to NASDAQ Global Select Market provides new opportunities and synergies for CSX, and more closely aligns with the platform where most of our trading activity already takes place.
The CSX team always enjoys opportunities to volunteer with our colleagues and neighbors as a part of our Beyond Our Rails program, said Randy Cheetham, regional vice president for state government and community affairs, CSX.
The uptick in noise is real, and CSX said it is seeking solutions.
Across the network, ambitious infrastructure expansion projects--in the case of intermodal: new terminals, upgrades and expansion of older terminals, and improvements to allow for more double-stacked trains--are part of CSX investments that are expected to total $2.
The GenSet locomotive you see behind me represents the next generation of sustainable technology," said Skip Elliott, vice president, public safety and environment, CSX Transportation.
For the IRS in both the Michigan teachers case and the CSX case.
CSX donated the High Line to the City and the transfer of ownership clears the way for the structure's transformation into a public open space to begin in 2006.
CSX Technology supplies information technology (IT) services to its sister company, CSX Transportation.
Horizon Services Group was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary of CSX Lines in 2001.
CSX controls a third of the 12 million tons transported annually at the port.
CSX Lines has been working on the project since October.