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CSXChessie Seaboard Multiplier (railroad transportation company)
CSXCayman Islands Stock Exchange
CSXChangsha, China (Airport Code)
CSXCardiac-Specific Homeobox
CSXSeaboard Coastline Railroad
CSXCar Stock Exchange (game; Edmonds Inc.)
CSXCounter-Strike Xbox (gaming)
CSXCommonStore for Exchange (IBM)
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CSX also uses social media channels to communicate information about the company.
For the IRS in both the Michigan teachers case and the CSX case.
from the London Stock Exchange, CSX Corporation announced
Bob's contributions to CSX World Terminals have been enormous," said Michael Ward, CSX Chairman.
Under the agreement, which is still pending approval of the CSX board of directors, EDC will have 90 days to examine and access the suitability of the site for a variety of economic development purposes.
Now, CSX, determined to take business from truckers who clog the interstates between the Midwest and East Coast, will spend $175 million to improve its rail lines in Ohio, including upgrading and double-tracking the line between Chicago and Greenwich, Ohio, just east of Willard.
The specific issue addressed by the court in CSX was whether the restructuring charge was an "omission" from CSX's 1987 book income within the meaning of Sec.
As CSX vice president-taxes, Farrell is responsible for all aspects of the tax affairs of CSX and its operating units.
Select Sites are development-ready properties along the CSX network where standard land use issues and comprehensive due diligence items have been previously addressed.
In the CSX case, the court declined to consider these conditions since the revenue ruling did not explain how the conditions supported the ruling's conclusion that the benefits were not subject to FICA.
Conrail's directors had asked shareholders to lift an anti-takeover provision and allow CSX to buy an additional 20 percent of Conrail.
A replay of the presentation and accompanying audio will be available on the CSX web site at www.