CSXTCivilian Space Exploration Team
CSXTChessie System Railway and Seaboard Coast Line Railroad Transportation (Jacksonville, FL, USA)
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CSXT was founded in 1995 by former Hollywood stuntman Ky Michaelson and is managed by Aerospace Entrepreneur Jerry Larson.
Since the WSOR does not have access to this type of car, CSXT provides the cars, which are returned to Oshkosh, WI, for reloading.
The system, known as CSXT Ethanol Express Delivery, began operating at the beginning of the year when a shipment of ethanol from South Dakota was delivered to Albany, NY.
CSXT actually already had a rail facility next to the park.
CSXT and its 35,000 employees provide rail transportation and distribution services over a 23,000 routemile network in 23 states, the District of Columbia and two Canadian provinces.
CSXT alone operates in 780 counties in 20 states in the East, Midwest and South, each of which has taxing authority.
CSXT Intermodal connects to all major Class I rail carriers to provide transcon shipments from coast-to-coast.
CSXT and NS haul coal out of mines or tipples in Central and Northern Appalachia to coal-fired power plants in the east and to major export terminals along the East Coast.
CSXT in September agreed to help defray the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's liability insurance cost, a deal that could bring more passenger trains to the Worcester line.
Under the agreement, South Carolina Central would pay CSXT for using the leased tracks on a per-car basis.
The facility is served by all Class I railroads, including BNSF, CSXT and Union Pacific.
The Porter Avenue Bridge over Interstate 190 and the CSXT Railroad was also replaced under the New York Gateway Connections Improvement project.