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CSYCheboksary (Russia)
CSYCan't Stop Yawning
CSYCaribbean Sailing Yachts (sailboats)
CSYCross-Sectoral Youth (project; USAID)
CSYCommunity Services YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association; Cincinnati, OH)
CSYCaledon Ship Yard Ltd.
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6 Source: CSY (2008) Table 2: Basic statistics on industrial enterprises, 2007 Number of enterprises (unit) N Public enterprises State-owned enterprises SOEs 10,074 State enterprises (total) SEs 11,572 Fully public non-state FPubNSEs 19,742 enterprises Fully public enterprises (total) FPEs 31,314 Private enterprises Private enterprises (total) PrivEsT 244,536 Domestic private enterprises DPrivEs 177,080 Foreign direct investment FDIEs 67,456 enterprises State controlled enterprises State-owned and state-holding SOSHEs 20,680 enterprises Mixed enterprises Mixed enterprises MEs 59,779 State-holding mixed enterprises SHMEs 9,108 Private-controlled mixed PrivMEs 50,671 enterprises SHMEs/SOSHEs% 44.
Unless otherwise noted, official data from the CSY (both country-wide and provincial yearbooks) was used as a primary source, often supplemented and cross-checked with data from various sources, including Maddison (1998).
i,0]) are based on official statistical in the CSY (1990 through 1998).
This rate of decline is based on a reviewer's comments to an early draft, however, is much less and statistically insignificant in the nation-wide growth rates reported in the CSY.
Tenders are invited for Extension of existing CTR upto new CSY at Sasti OCM Repairing and strengthening of CTR from ETP junction to feeder breaker junction at Gouri
Open Source Symbian Platform Telephony CSY Accelerates Time-to-Market for Innovative Handsets
010 telephony CSY for the Symbian platform is now available as open source.
010 multiplexor telephony CSY under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).