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CSZCity State Zip
CSZClark-Shenker-Zhang (packet scheduling algorithm)
CSZCascadia Subduction Zone (periodic earthquake in Pacific Northwest)
CSZCivilian Safety Zone (military)
CSZComputer Society of Zambia (Lusaka, Zambia)
CSZCalcia Stabilized Zirconia
CSZCalcia-Stabilized Zirconia
CSZCommunity Safety Zone
CSZCom Station Z (science fiction fan club)
CSZChild Safety Zone (government designation)
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By utilizing the chambers they were manufacturing in a contract test lab, CSZ was then able to provide testing services to its customers.
Lindioil was prepared by the CSZ using powdered indigo naturalis mixed with olive oil (1:10), Kirkland Signature Pure Olive Oil (Italian, item 71008), then heated at 120[degrees]C for 1 h and filtered by 2-[micro]m filter (Millipore, France).
The highest ranked IGA included poultry production and petty trading (particularly in foodstuff) for all three study zones, retail of fresh or smoked fish for communities in the CSZ and GSZ, and production and commercialization of cosmetic products and tie/dye cloth for communities in the FSTZ.
The movement of RSOs within and between different states with varying restriction laws makes it difficult for the offenders and the supervising authorities to exactly determine the distance between the residences of the offenders and the CSZ.
In the event of a CSZ generated tsunami off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, a detailed, high-resolution representation of population density is desirable in order to visually and statistically identify the areas most vulnerable.
This CSZ Altitude Chamber is also equipped with the power of the EZT-570i 7” Touch Screen Controller, which offers features such as automated alarms, power recovery options and the ability for remote monitoring.
CSZ provides standard & custom-designed environmental test chambers including stability chambers, temperature-cycling chambers, humidity chambers, accelerated stress-testing chambers, HALT & HASS chambers, thermal-shock chambers, altitude chambers, AGREE vibration chambers, industrial freezers, and more.
With the conclusion of the event, Mark Beran, Vice President and General Manager of CSZ Medical, founding TTM Congress sponsor and a developer of advanced patient temperature management systems, including highly effective and efficient cooling products, remarked, "We couldn't be happier with the success of the congress.
wide, CSZ is able to cut down on welding and offer a broader range of chamber sizes,” says Operations and Facilities Manager, Alan Scott.
The superior quality of the individual participants is surpassed only by the remarkable mindshare of the group as a whole," said Mark Beran, Vice President and General Manager of CSZ Medical.
STC outlines different zirconias for different conditions; MSZ can be useful in high temperature, high stress applications, CSZ protects against low temperature degradation and YTZP can be manipulated to increase resistance to low temperature degradation.