CT-SMACCefixime Potassium Tellurite Sorbitol-MacConkey Agar
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coli O157,H7 on CT-SMAC medium were all isolated from location #3 (n = 4).
Colonies that appeared colorless (non-Sorbitol fermenters) on CT-SMAC were presumptively identified as E.
We processed clinical stools on CT-SMAC agar since, unlike most E.
Non-sorbitol-fermenting bacteria recovered from food samples and diarrhoeal stools on CT-SMAC agar % of 157 Diarrhoe stools % of 166 colonies colonies Food samples tested tested Providencia 21.
Results of CT-SMAC culture, enzyme immunoassay, and stx polymerase chain reaction
a) (+) Denotes a positive CT-SMAC culture, EIA, or stx PCR; (-) denotes a negative CT-SMAC culture, EIA, or stx PCR; CT-SMAC = cefixime-tellurite sorbitol MacConkey agar; EIA = enzyme immunoassay; PCR = polymerase chain reaction.