CTAACommunity Transportation Association of America
CTAACanadian Technical Asphalt Association
CTAAColegio Territorial de Arquitectos de Alicante
CTAACass Tech Alumni Association (Cass Technical High School; Detroit, MI)
CTAACalifornia Talent Agencies Act
CTAACataract, Anterior Polar
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The CTAA was nondoctrinal since it combined the functions of both a marshaling area and a tactical assembly area.
A CTAA required large areas for handling inbound and outbound equipment.
The CTAA OIC kept an accurate equipment piece count by unit and type of equipment and by time of entry into and departure from the yard.
One CTAA was established for each of the division's four BCTs, one for division troops, and one for corps troops within the division's area of operations.
FOB Warrior in Kirkuk was the most distant CTAA in the division's area of operations, so extra planning was needed to mitigate the time-distance factor.
com)-- Vehicle fleet management software company Pantonium is set to introduce their EverRun software platform for public and community transit use at the CTAA Community Transportation EXPO in Tampa, FL from June 2 through June 5, 2015.
We are excited to bring this technology to new audiences at the CTAA Expo," says Pantonium president Remi Desa.
The CTAA trade show had more than 280 attendees and 50 service partners.
Pantonium president Remi Desa states: “We are excited to attend the CTAA Expo this year.
The CTAA's first-ever Trade Show and Exhibition was a great success for both the exhibitors and participants alike," said CTAA President Diane Yensen.
It was a wonderful introduction to all that CTAA has to offer current and prospective members alike.
CTAA is the first affiliate in the State of Connecticut and comes into the NAA family with a strong membership base.