CTAAPCalifornia Traditional Arts Advancement Program
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All the teachers interviewed felt a great need to receive professional help with their content and pedagogical knowledge when they found out about the CTAAP award.
I really enjoyed the fact that we were able to choose what we want to go to and what we want to do with CTAAP.
In addition, this group had a list of experts to invite to campus before even applying for the CTAAP.
It is reasonable to conclude that the biggest effect of the CTAAP on the participating teachers was improvement in their knowledge of both academic content and pedagogy.
The CTAAP and teacher-designed professional development programs have also reformed professional development activities and collaboration patterns among teachers in schools.
However, no formal student achievement scores were available to demonstrate the impact of the CTAAP initiated training activities on student performances as much of the interview data were collected prior to the start of state-mandated testing.
The teachers believed that the success they were enjoying was made possible by the funding opportunity provided by the CTAAP and the leadership of their principals.
Information from a longer period incorporating more cycles of CTAAP recipients would provide a better representation of the experiences and perceptions of these teachers.
In the CTAAP under study, we have observed three major occurrences.
CTAAP teams also reported the benefits of the collaboration process, both within their teams, and in their schools.
What CTAAP has shown is teachers can effectively develop their own professional development activities with a relatively small amount of resources and have an impact both on their own professional growth and on student learning.
Finally, successful (exemplary) practices that resulted from the implementation of the CTAAP model for professional development were described as having implications for the type of professional development that schools and districts may choose to employ.