CTACCreative Audio Codec
CTACCrooked Tree Arts Center (est. 1971)
CTACCitroën Traction Avant Club (Swiss automobile club)
CTACCentre Territorial d'Administration et de Comptabilité (French: Territorial Administration and Accounting Center)
CTACChemical Transportation Advisory Committee
CTACCommunications Training Analysis Corporation (Fairfax, VA)
CTACCable TV Advisory Committee (Massachusetts)
CTACCounter-Drug Technology Assessment Center
CTACCustomer Technical Assistance Center (Sprint)
CTACCenter for Army Tactics
CTACComputerised Track Access Control System (UK)
CTACCarlsbad Field Office Technical Assistance Contractor
CTACCisco Technical Assistance Center
CTACCorps Tactical Command Post
CTACCritical Thinking Assessment Committee (Phoenix College, Arizona)
CTACConsolidated Test And Certification (US Navy)
CTACCryptologic Technician (Administrative) Chief (US Navy)
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Andre, 10 years of age, standing 4 ft 5 inches (small for his age) arrived at the CTAC flanked by two exhausted and exasperated looking case managers.
In addition to CCST, CTAC and GCCA individual applications for authorisations may occur for particular uses of chromate SVHCs.
The target population for which the CTAC is intended is relatively reduced, and all the studies that have been made on how it performs (including the dimensionality studies discussed above) have been based on small samples.
Some properties of the surfactants used in the tests Surfactant Abbreviation Trimethylglycine TMG Hydroxyethylcellulose HEC Octyl phenol ethoxylate TRITON X-100 Linear alkylbenzene LABSA sulfonate acid Sodium lauryl ether SLES sulfate Cetyl trimethyl CTAC ammonium chloride Quaternised ethoxylated QEFA fatty amine Surfactant Formula Trimethylglycine [([CH.
CTAC considered the challenges SRLs face to be so important that it made them the subject of the second principle: "Include Self-Represented Litigants.
The influencing factors in the adsorption, kinetic and thermodynamic of perchlorate on GAC-CTAC were studied, to show the adsorption efficiency of GAC- CTAC and therefore to determine its potential applications.
Two projects underway at CTAC are aimed at helping with searches
Louise Binder, CTAC Chair said "over the past year, the HIV activist community has watched with alarm as cross-border importation has created a growing and serious threat to affordable and timely access to badly needed medicines for Canadians living with HIV/AIDS.
Working with CTAC, the City of Chicago treasurer also has a financial literacy outreach program connected to the EITC program.
We then set about interviewing key actors, including individuals who were actively and intimately involved in the birth of CTAC as well as those who had been excluded -- or chosen to exclude themselves -- from it.
Chromium trioxide and sodium dichromate are both identified as SVHCs under REACH and Dalic is a member of the CTAC consortium applying for authorisation for their continued use.
Elementary Education Recertification (2011); OkACTE Summer Conference Presenter (2010); CTAC (2010-present); OkACTE Guidance Division Executive Committee Vice President (2008-2010)