CTAFCommon Traffic Advisory Frequency
CTAFCalifornia Technology Assessment Forum
CTAFCanadian Trial of Atrial Fibrillation
CTAFCanadian Tactical Assault Force
CTAFCable Television Advisory Forum (Office of Cable Television Administration; Grand Rapids, MI)
CTAFClinical Teaching Assessment Form
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Will insurers read the CTAF statement and say no to paying for sofosbuvir or simeprevir?
However, CTAF said it would take 20 years for payers to recoup two-thirds of the drug's cost.
We are very excited that after the comprehensive evaluation of the most current scientific literature, CTAF has determined that the AlloMap test meets their criteria for safety, effectiveness and improvement in health outcomes for the assessment of rejection in heart transplant recipients," stated Pierre Cassigneul, president and chief executive officer of XDx.
The final kicker for the evening was that we didn't have the CTAF frequency for the field, so we guessed at the winds and aimed for the nearest end of the runway.
CTAF has confirmed that it will recommend approval of PreGen-Plus to the Blue Shield of California Foundation Board of Trustees at its meeting in May.
CTAF is one of the preeminent independent medical technology assessment organizations in the country and its reviews are utilized by many payers and providers to evaluate new medical technology.
As we neared the parking area at the departure end of runway 23, we discussed breakfast plans but were interrupted by a radio call on the CTAF from a Cessna that was entering the pattern.
chair of the American Thoracic Society Clinical Practice Committee, during the CTAF panel consideration of bronchial thermoplasty held in October 2011.
I called CTAF for an airport advisory but got none, so I announced my intentions.
I spun up the CTAF freq on the VHF and called the Huey.
The CTAF assessment determined that Renessa meets all five of its criteria for "safety, effectiveness and improvement in health outcomes" in appropriately selected patients.