CTAGCorrelation Tag
CTAGClerical Training Advisory Group
CTAGCoexistence Technical Advisory Group
CTAGCommand Message Tag (Sonet)
CTAGComplexity Theory and Algorithms (Liverpool University; England, UK)
CTAGCommunications-Computer Systems Training Advisory Group (Air Force)
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La interaccion del grupo CTAG con el grupo amino del quitosano originaria una posible disminucion del indice de cristalinidad genera una estructura mas amorfa, y la presencia del nuevo pico 2[theta] = 5[grados] en el QC puede ser una evidencia de la formacion del grupo amino cuaternario (Tang, R.
They provide an overview of CTAG and its theoretical foundations, then detail the basic components of each session and implementation aspects, including working with challenging group members and ending treatment.
CTAG was established in 2003 and aims at strengthening the capacity of the fight against terrorism.
Trevor Bailey from CTAG on Anglesey was among companies who had opened doors in the States for business.
The CTAG was established at a G-8 Summit in 2003, and was hailed by the Bush administration as a means to "build counterterrorism capacity worldwide" by way of training and technical assistance to countries with "the will but not the skill" to fight terrorism (The White House, 2003: 1).
Tenders are invited for Provision Of CTAG Evaluation Service
Sources disclosed that Philip Morris has filed a petition in Sindh High Court (SHC) pleading that the government should lift the ban on advertisement and promotion activities of tobacco products, adding that the existence of federal ministry of NHSRC and its allied functions particularly CTAG dealing with the rules and regulations on tobacco advertisement is un-constitutional.