CTAGConfirmation Tag
CTAGCorrelation Tag
CTAGCombined Threat Assessment Group
CTAGClerical Training Advisory Group
CTAGCoexistence Technical Advisory Group
CTAGCommand Message Tag (Sonet)
CTAGComplexity Theory and Algorithms (Liverpool University; England, UK)
CTAGCommunications-Computer Systems Training Advisory Group (Air Force)
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A statistically significant relationship was observed in all parameters when parameters were compared between males and females (P<0.05) except right CTAG and IVCDAG; left HAG, VAG, CTAG, LTAG and VDAG values (Table IV).
Formally affirmed at the 2003 Evian summit, the CTAG devoted much of its activities to improving procedures associated with document inspection, luggage screening, and security personnel vetting.
The most common trigger source is the Naval Education and Training Command's (NETC) Human Performance Requirements Review (HPRR) process as well as the Associate Directorate for Education and Training (ADET) National Security Agency's Cryptologic Training Advisory Group (CTAG) process.
In 2012, Greenpeace and the Wilderness Society, along with Climate Action Newcastle and Rising Tide are part of the Coal Terminal Action Group (CTAG), an alliance of sixteen (at the time of writing) environmental and residents' groups fighting the development of a fourth coal loader, supporting a large increase in coal exports, at Port of Newcastle.
Summary: Bamako - Morocco is participating in a major meeting of the Work Group of G8 Experts on Action against Terrorism (CTAG), held in Bamako, Mali, to examine ways to strengthen the fight against terrorism in the Sahel, according to a diplomatic source.
Trevor Bailey from CTAG on Anglesey was among companies who had opened doors in the States for business.
FATF has developed three specific processes to assess the compliance of countries to FATF Recommendations: 1) a self-assessment process 2) a mutual evaluation process, and 3) the Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories (NCCT) process, which involves "naming and shaming" of "non-compliant non-members." When the FATF points out a state having major systemic problems, it suggests possible technical assistance and "positive inducements" to work with international organizations, especially the IMF, World Bank and the Counter-Terrorism Action Group (CTAG) (Gardner, 2007: 335).
And the Counter-Terrorism Action Group (CTAG)--the counter-terrorism grouping that the G8 has set up--makes resources available for the same task.
We present an efficient and cost-effective method, based on genetic algorithm, called CTaG, for task scheduling to globally optimize cloud-based system performance and reduce recovery time for physical server falures in cloud computing.