CTAICommunity Transportation Association of Idaho (Boise, ID)
CTAIConservation Technical Assistance Initiative (Michigan)
CTAICadbury Trebor Allan Inc. (Canada)
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The ammunition is made at BAE Systems' munitions sites in Washington in Tyne and Wear and Glascoed in South Wales, while the gun is produced in Bourges in central France at a plant that carries the CTAI name.
There's not much we needed to do that we didn't do [failure to "acknowledge existence of enduring uncertainties and multiple perspectives" (Lynch, Wolcott, & Huber) that would indicate logic at Level CTAI 0a].
The 40 mm CTAI remains the main weapon and gives numerous advantages such as low turret intrusion, smooth loading cycle, and ability to shoot in single-shot mode or at any rate up to 50 rpm (its AP rounds being able of perforating 140 mm RHA).
The Lockheed Martin UK WCSP is based on the refurbishing of the Warrior turret which is being rearmed with the 40 mm CTAI gun.
Even on a single-shift basis, CTAIs factory in Bourges, France, now has the capability to produce 20 cannon systems per month, allowing CTAI to fulfil both its order for the MOD and allow capacity for other customers requirements.
The cannon has been developed and is manufactured by CTAI whose factory is now in full production of the new cannon for the MOD.
TTie choice for the CTAI 40-mm gun using encased telescopic ammunition saves a lot of room inside the turret, which allows the installation of new vetronics and will improve crew comfort and safety.
While Panhard declined to indicate who would be the potential co-developer of the turret, the manufacturer could hardly hide the fact that the cannon would be the new 40-mm cased telescoped ammunition ordnance developed by CTAI (also pictured here).
According to a CTAI spokesman, the next steps will be risk reduction followed by production planning leading to a weapon that is ready for integration by the end of 2003.