CTAICommunity Transportation Association of Idaho (Boise, ID)
CTAIConservation Technical Assistance Initiative (Michigan)
CTAICadbury Trebor Allan Inc. (Canada)
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The ammunition is made at BAE Systems' munitions sites in Washington in Tyne and Wear and Glascoed in South Wales, while the gun is produced in Bourges in central France at a plant that carries the CTAI name.
Participant II's initial response, however, quoted a course reading--"The outsider clearly does not have the direct experience with the everyday conditions and oppression faced by the community members" (Staples 28) [inappropriately applied quote from text to express futility of understanding (CTAI 0a)]--and went on to state:
The 40 mm CTAI remains the main weapon and gives numerous advantages such as low turret intrusion, smooth loading cycle, and ability to shoot in single-shot mode or at any rate up to 50 rpm (its AP rounds being able of perforating 140 mm RHA).
The Lockheed Martin UK WCSP is based on the refurbishing of the Warrior turret which is being rearmed with the 40 mm CTAI gun.
The effector is the CTAI 40 mm gun, using telescoped cased ammunition, that is being adopted by the Britain and France for their latest combat vehicles.