CTAILChild Trafficking Advice and Information Line (UK)
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v) The CTAIL in each of the Regions, through its respective Regional PCU, shall be responsible for day-to-day Project implementation and the coordination, administrative and financial management of the Project within its Region.
vi) The Recipient shall establish, no later than one (1) month after the Effective Date, and thereafter maintain, throughout Project implementation, within the CTAIL in each of the Regions, a Regional PCU, with an institutional framework, functions, and resources satisfactory to the Association, and comprising, inter alia: (i) a regional coordinator; and (ii) a monitoring and evaluation assistant, both with qualifications, experience, and terms of reference satisfactory to the Association and recruited in accordance with the provisions of Section III of this Schedule.
Regional PCU" means any of the Regional Project coordination units, under the supervisory authority of the respective CTAIL, established and operating pursuant to the Recipient's Order No.