CTAPCalifornia Technology Assistance Project (Sacramento, CA)
CTAPCareer Transition Assistance Plan (for US Federal employees)
CTAPCalifornia Telephone Access Program
CTAPComputed Tomography During Arterial Portography (radiology)
CTAPCounter-Terrorism Action Plan
CTAPClear to Auscultation & Percussion
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Goals are to promote residents' computer fluency and more efficient and productive time allocation for CTAPs, he notes.
CTAP has an Equipment Program Advisory Committee which advises the CPUC and the program.
CTAP programme aims to reinforce capacities of exporting Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to estimate their needs and devise their strategy to export.
MSSBA, CTAP, File 2, Series 46, Quinn, "Memorandum Defining the Objectives of the Catholic Taxpayer's Association," 11 July 1932.
The CTAP program is designed to help "unemployables" become employable.
CTAP also has training programs for human-services staff involved in transportation.
14 million attempted attacks occurred in 2015-16, according to Fortinet 2016 CTAP Threat Landscape Report.
USAID has provided about $40 million to the CTAP program, as of 2012.
PPA said CTAP agreed to come out with a "favorable fare matrix" for this scheme.
CTAP president Ruperto Bayocot said the two measures would further raise the prices of consumer goods, make it harder for importers to secure their raw materials, and increase the rates of both shipping lines and trucking companies.
com) is CFO of CTAP, a Richardson, Texas-based technology company that implements converged voice and data networks and the applications that ride on that infrastructure.