CTAPScontingency Theater Air Control System automated planning system (US DoD)
CTAPSContingency Theater Automated Planning System
CTAPSContingency Theater Air Planning System
CTAPSContingency Tactical Air Planning System
CTAPSConsortium for Teaching Asia and the Pacific in the Schools
CTAPSContingency Tactical Air Combat System Automated Planning System
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As shown in figure 6, the AWOC accepts an electronic version of the ATO and ACO from CTAPS and transforms and reorganizes them into a form readable by the exercise editor.
The software can provide ELINT receipt and correlation, Integrated Data Base manipulation and input, message receipt and processing as well as output to the CTAPS and Sentinel Byte.
The indispensable nature of these systems has led to a veritable blizzard of variants known by such acronyms as AFMSS, STAMPS, CTAPS, TEAMS, TAMPS, SOFPARS and SOACMS.