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CTATCognitive Tutor Authoring Tools
CTATComplementary to Absolute Temperature
CTATCenter for Technical Assistance and Training (Colorado)
CTATComputerized Transverse Axial Tomography
CTATCable Twist Accuracy Technology (performance measurement equipment)
CTATCapillary Tube Agglutination Test
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BE]/R source has a CTAT behavior, exhibiting the largest variation over the 100[degrees]C to 180[degrees]C temperature range, of about 40%.
Audy, "Low voltage current mirror and CTAT current source and method ", US5982201 A, 1998
In relation to CTAT, approximately 90% of Nelore cows did not impede their calves when these tried to feed while 20% of Guzerat cows created some obstacles when their calves tried to feed (Figure 2).
Cabe mencionar que la herramienta CTAT incluye una serie de 'Widgets' (objetos) que permiten lograr interactividad con el aprendiz y monitorear el comportamiento de sus respuestas (ver Figura 1).
Table 2 Names Associated With Computed Tomography CTAT Computerized transverse axial tomography ACTA Automatic computed transverse axial CAT Computer-assisted tomography, computerized axial tomography CTTRT Computerized transaxial transmission reconstructive tomography RT Reconstructive tomography CT Computerized tomography, computed tomography Table 3 Approximate CT numbers (Hounsfield units) for Various Body Tissues Tissue CT Number Bone 1000 Clotted blood 80 Liver 40-60 Fresh blood 55 White matter 46 Gray matter 43 Muscle 10-40 Kidney 30 Cerebral spinal fluid 15 Water 0 Fat -50-100 Lung -500 Air -1000 Table 4 Common Positron-emitting Radionuclides 0 Used in PET Imaging Radiopharmaceutical * Half-life PET (minutes) Application Carbon 11 ([sup.
In response, CTAT applied to the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) to establish a Special Demonstration Project to teach a select cadre of professionals how to better support citizens with severe disabilities in real jobs of their choice.
185-295--Dans l'opinion de loan Stanomir, professeur de droit constitutionnel a l'Universite de Bucarest, l'identification des Assemblees nationales instituees par les Reglements a des assemblees parlementaires ou representatives serait abusive, dans la mesure ou les Reglements introduisaient un mecanisme qui decourageait la selection du personnel politique (sic) de tous les ctats de la societe (loan Stanomir, Lege, libertate si drept.
Dresser says she and her co-workers are now working with the embryos from exotic ctats to learn how to freeze them along with exotic cat sperm.