CTBICommunity Trust Bancorp, Inc. (Kentucky and West Viriginia)
CTBIChurches Together in Britain and Ireland
CTBIChronic Traumatic Brain Injury
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Previous work on boxers with CTBI demonstrated that the group with higher chronic brain injury scores was more likely to possess one APOE4 allele.
Readers who think they might qualify for help from the CTBI are welcome to make contact at the address above.
We greatly appreciate Nick's dedication to Community Trust and will miss his service to CTBI," said Jean Hale, Chairman.
CBMD Columbia Bancorp CTBI Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.
INDEX ADDITIONS FOR 2006 (11 Companies) Ticker Official Name CTBI Community Trust Bancorp, Inc.
On June 2, 2014, CTBI distributed a 10 percent stock dividend to shareholders of record on May 15, 2014.
CTBI experienced a 22 basis point decline in its net interest margin for the first quarter 2012 compared to prior year but increased 7 basis points from prior quarter.
cTBIs are of a concern for healthcare providers, such as rural APRNs, because they can lead to lifelong complications if not treated promptly.