CTBRCommonwealth Taxation Board of Review (Australia)
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Total quantity or scope: This contract is for the supply, installation and maintenance of an aid operation and dynamic passenger information (SAEIV) and an audible and visual announcements device on behalf of CTBR.
Lot 1 supply, installation and maintenance of a support system operations and passenger information (SAEIV) on behalf of CTBR.
The Digital Choice and Freedom Act ("DCFA") (155) is like the CTBR in that it addresses statutory Fair Use rights with respect to digital and electronic multimedia works.
Current enquiry levels and strong new business signings give us confidence that we will see a rebound in growth and profitability at CTBR in 2004.
The first covers the consideration of regional interoperability and / or border, the second cover modification CTBR ticketing system.
This most recent agreement provides Inveresk with Watson licenses for their European Headquarters in Tranent, Scotland and for CTBR in Montreal, Canada.
Lot 1: Automobile Liability Insurance (RCTPV) for the CTS and its subsidiaries Strasbourg Mobility and CTBR,
Most importantly, we anticipate that this opportunity will be accretive and add approximately 20% to CTBR revenues on an annualized basis.
Lot # 2: Evaluation, treatment and purchase of metals CTS and CTBR.