CTBSComprehensive Tests of Basic Skills
CTBSCanadian Test of Basic Skills (standardized testing; Canada)
CTBSCertified Tissue Bank Specialist
CTBSCape Town Baptist Seminary (South Africa)
CTBSCalifornia Tests of Basic Skills
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The CTBS score averages for the participating schools were as follows: math = 48 national percentile; language = 48 national percentile; and reading = 52 national percentile.
Crowell et al (1983) reported on the comprehension items contained in the CTBS, MAT, SAT, CAT, GATES and ASAT.
Although Wellington (1994) did not find significant differences in favor of the CMC group in the first grade, Tarver and Jung; (1995) found that first grade students using CMC outperformed students using Math Their Way and cognitively guided instruction (CGI) on the CTBS Math subtests.
In 1989 to 1990, about half the students received CTBS scores above 75th percentile, while one-tenth received scores below 26th percentile and were thus designated"at risk.
The CTBS is ``effective, standardized, cheap and in three weeks will give us the information to drive instruction for the next seven months,'' Chan said.
CTBS is joining with Wexford Institute as a co-sponsor to enable handler/dog teams to pass the certification test and become Therapy Dogs, registered to work in health care facilities and schools.
They include: President--Diane Wilson, RN, CTBS, Community Tissue Services, Dayton, OH; President-Elect--David Smith, MD, Community Tissue Services, Dayton, OH; Secretary--Kathy Pearson, CTBS, LifeNet Health, Virginia Beach, VA; Treasurer--Mary Beth Fisk, CTBS, South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, San Antonio, TX; Immediate Past President--Francis Hornicek, MD, PhD, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA; Members at Large--Glenn Greenleaf, CTBS, LifeCell Corporation, Branchburg, NJ; and Penny Lange, CTBS, LifeNet, Virginia Beach, VA.
WHAT was revealed by the Stanford 9 test was no different than what has been revealed for decades by the CTBS test in Los Angeles and other similar tests across this state and nation year after year.
They include: Co-Chairs, Council of Accredited Tissue Banks - Thomas Sherman, CTBS, LifeLine of Ohio, Columbus, and Bruce Zalneraitis, CTBS, Life Alaska, Anchorage; Chair, Musculoskeletal Council - Michael Real, CTBS, Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation, Edison, NJ; Chair, Physicians Council - Gregory Ray, MD, CryoLife, Inc.
Although 1996 CTBS scores were poor, Stanford 9 results were worse.
The CTBS is a standardized achievement test administered to students, grades 1-6, throughout the state in May of each year.
CTBS runs on a desktop or server PC (Windows 2K and XP) that would typically connect to the customer's local area network.