CTBSComprehensive Tests of Basic Skills
CTBSCycling Team Bologna Stadio (Bologna, Italy)
CTBSCanadian Test of Basic Skills (standardized testing; Canada)
CTBSCertified Tissue Bank Specialist
CTBSCape Town Baptist Seminary (South Africa)
CTBSCalifornia Tests of Basic Skills
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In detail, the CTB indicating the maximum CU size has a fixed size of 64 x 64 pixels.
To assess the SS effect on binder hydration products in the CTBs, a series of micro-structural analyses that included examination of the pore structure and evolution of binder hydration products were carried out to evaluate the microstructural properties of the studied CTB.
It could be possible that the effect on retention and reacquisition in these studies was lost because of the long interval between the experimental sessions; thus, with this study, we primarily aimed to clarify the timing of cTBS interference with the mentioned fast learning process.
A cTBS applied to the S1 decreases SEP amplitudes (75), while increases corticospinal excitability in the M1 (67,69).
Five studies used iTBS (facilitatory on the ipsilesional hemisphere) and cTBS (inhibitory on the contralesional hemisphere), three studies used iTBS alone in the ipsilesional hemisphere, and three studies used cTBS alone in the contralesional hemisphere.
Although not a randomized controlled trial, our group has reported that both TMS patterns (LF-rTMS and cTBS) combined with occupational therapy (OT) can improve post-stroke motor function of the hemiparetic upper limb [13,14].
[5] Nonstandard abbreviations: FDA, US Food and Drug Administration; NCI, National Cancer Institute; ICTRP, International Clinical Trials Registry Platform; ICMJE, International Committee of Medical Journal Editors; HUGO, Human Gene Organisation; TKI, tyrosine kinase inhibitor; CTBS, Clinical Trials Biomarkers Standards; FGED, Functional Genomics Data Society; MGED, Microarray Gene Expression Data Society; MIAME, minimum information needed to describe a microarray experiment; REMARK, Reporting recommendations for tumor MARKer; BRISQ, biospecimen reporting for improved study quality; API, application programming interface; HGNC, HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee; HGVS, Human Genome Variation Society; regex, regular expression; RESTful, REpresentational State Transfer.
The Kimberley Hospital Rule (KHR) for urgent computed tomography of the brain (CTB) in a resource-limited environment
The study assessed the effectiveness of the different conditions after one year by comparing student performance on a shortened version of the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills (CTBS), Mathematics Computations and Concepts and Applications subscales.
On the CTBS, the experimental group showed a mean gain of 15.3 months growth, as contrasted with a mean gain of 9.2 months growth for the control group (P < .002).
Figure 2 and Figure 3 show Fort Fraser's student gains in national percentile ranking in reading and mathematics respectively on the Canadian Test of Basic Skills (CTBS; 1998) over a 5-year period for students in grade five through grade seven and for students in grade three through grade seven.