CTBSComprehensive Tests of Basic Skills
CTBSCanadian Test of Basic Skills (standardized testing; Canada)
CTBSCertified Tissue Bank Specialist
CTBSCape Town Baptist Seminary (South Africa)
CTBSCalifornia Tests of Basic Skills
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The CTBS was normed on a nationwide sample of 312,890 students.
After analyzing the triangulated principal data within the contexts of both NAESP Standards and CTBS reading scores, three significant concepts emerged:
The CTBS score averages for the participating schools were as follows: math = 48 national percentile; language = 48 national percentile; and reading = 52 national percentile.
At the same time, a service established in April, CTBS, will start offering programming through a portal channel.
Academically, my brothers and I have consistently scored far above government-educated peers in national tests, including SAT, ACT, and CTBS.
Principal Chuck Baldwin was able to quickly answer questions about his action plan but mistakenly cited test score goals based on the CTBS exam the district abandoned last year.
Last year, CTBS reading scores dropped for all Washington third-graders.
He also served as Co-Chair of the Accreditation Committee, Chair of the International Affairs Committee, Chair of the Emergency Preparedness Task Force and as an instructor for the CTBS Training and Review Course.
An additional limitation is that the RHC sample was drawn from elementary schools in just 1 school district in Washington State and included only those participants who stayed in Washington State public schools that provided CTBS and WASL scores.
In those schools, where children through the third grade have experienced the programs each year, CTBS [Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills] scores have increased significantly in all subjects since 2000, officials said.
Crowell et al (1983) reported on the comprehension items contained in the CTBS, MAT, SAT, CAT, GATES and ASAT.
Although Wellington (1994) did not find significant differences in favor of the CMC group in the first grade, Tarver and Jung; (1995) found that first grade students using CMC outperformed students using Math Their Way and cognitively guided instruction (CGI) on the CTBS Math subtests.