CTBTOComprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization
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conclusion," CTBTO Secretary General Tibor Toth said in a statement.
Meanwhile, US Permanent Representative to the CTBTO Glyn Davies said that
51-member CTBTO Executive Council needed to authorize an OSI by
voting rights in the CTBTO Preparatory Commission (PrepCom) were suspended in 2007 because of a shortfall in U.
voting rights in the CTBTO Preparatory Commission (PrepCom) have been suspended because of a shortfall in U.
Meanwhile, the CTBTO has said that its monitoring stations picked up an unusual seismic event in the DPRK today at 01:30:00 (UTC), and that its initial location estimate shows that the event took place in the area of the DPRK's nuclear test site.
10 (Petra) -- The most sophisticated on-site inspection exercise conducted to date by the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) formally concludes this week, according to a CTBTO statement.
Iran later said the CTBTO was a "security and espionage treaty, even more dangerous" than the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty's additional protocol, allowing intrusive inspections of nuclear facilities in member-states.
But the recent efforts involve pairing CTBTO data with other sources to see what can be gleaned, officials said.
However, the CTBTO last week ruled out any of their data pointing to the crash.
NOTEREF _Ref379730389 \h \* MERGEFORMAT) In furtherance of this worthy goal, signatories of the CTBT should increase their funding to the CTBTO in order to expand the range and technical capabilities of the regime, so that future tests can be detected with even greater accuracy and speed.
The CTBTO system is also able to monitor radionuclide-spread patterns following nuclear accidents and provide data to assist in protective action, as it did following the Fukushima accident.