CTBTO PrepComCTBT Organisation Preparatory Commission
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the CTBTO PrepCom "to support projects that will accelerate
06/13/13--The CTBTO PrepCom's 40th session is scheduled for June 13-14.
contributions to the CTBTO PrepCom for lobbying or advocacy in the United States relating to the CTBT.
During his tenure in 2019 (January 1-December 31), the Chair of the CTBTO PrepCom, in cooperation with the CTBTOs Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS), will preside over the PrepComs meetings (twice in June and November), support the CTBTOs establishment of an effective system to detect and verify nuclear tests, increase peoples awareness of the CTBT, and work towards its entry into force.
throughout the network." The CTBTO PrepCom indicates that adding
Although the CTBT has not yet entered into force, the CTBTO PrepCom and partner states are involved in activities to prepare to carry out its functions, including an on-site inspection.
Under President Obama, the Nation has strongly backed the work of the CTBTO PrepCom, including the development of a robust on-site inspection capability.
On June 4, 2007, the United States made a payment of $10.0 million, labeled "International Monitoring System for FY2007," to the CTBTO PrepCom. (116) This was less than the $14.207 million provided for IMS for FY2006, and not enough to restore U.S.
(120) (The annual cost to operate IMS, the International Data Center, and the Global Communications Infrastructure is over $70 million, or nearly 70% of the total CTBTO PrepCom budget.
The CTBTO PrepCom selects experts from partner states to lend their expertise as surrogate inspectors.
Since it is now so deeply in arrears at the CTBTO PrepCom, it will
(112) Arrearage figures are from a CTBTO PrepCom table of contributions and outstanding balances, at http://www.ctbto.org/fileadmin/user_upload/treasury/ assessed_contributions_04Sep_08.pdf, updated September 5, 2008, p.