CTCDCentre for Terrestrial Carbon Dynamics (UK)
CTCDCourage the Cowardly Dog (cartoon network show)
CTCDCentral Texas College District
CTCDCombat Training Center Division
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Abbreviations: WM: white matter; cGM: cortical grey matter; DGM: deep gray matter; PLIC: posterior limb of the internal capsule; CR: corona radiata; IHD: interhemispheric distance; cTCD: coronal transverse-cerebellar diameter.
The 2 fallow management treatments were conventionally tilled and drilled fallow (CTCD) and a no-tilled fallow with direct drilling of the following crop (NTDD).
Notes: Pre-bid conference and site visit will be held on April 13, 2016 at 1:00 PM in Building 157, Room 102 on CTCD Campus.