CTCGCollectible Trading Card Game
CTCGCommon Toxicity Criteria Grade
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Com base no total de hibridos levados a campo (Tabelas 1a 4), tem-se que os parentais masculinos que deram formacao a maiores quantidades de hibridos, foram: TRBK (43 hibridos), CTCG (26), CTSF (26), CTARG (20) e CTC35 (17) em cruzamentos com TCLN (Tabelas 1 e 2); CTARG (18) em cruzamentos com TCLC (Tabela 2); CTARG (20) e CTTR (16) em cruzamentos com TSKFL (Tabela 2); CTARG (34), CTSW (33), TR x LCR (24) e CTQT (24) em cruzamentos com TSKC (Tabela 2); CTSW (51) em cruzamentos com LVKC (Tabelas 3 e 4).
All through the Collection passages marked principally by Charles Grant (initialled CTCG), sometimes by Hope Brooke or Admiral Brooke, draw attention to the Rajah's reiteration of his promise that his nephew Brooke should succeed him as ruler of Sarawak.