CTCLCutaneous T Cell Lymphoma
CTCLComputer to Computer Link (investing)
CTCLColleges That Change Lives (college search resource; Westminster, MD)
CTCLCareless Talk Costs Lives (magazine)
CTCLCentral Texas Cricket League (est. 2002)
CTCLCiticorp Trustee Company Limited (London, England, UK)
CTCLChina Telecom Corporation Ltd.
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Revenues included payments on a contract in support of RiVax, in addition to the grants received to support the development of SGX301 for the treatment of CTCL and SGX942 for the treatment of oral mucositis in head and neck cancer.
MAVORIC is the first pivotal trial in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) to use progression free survival (PFS) as a primary endpoint.
This analysis examined CD30 expression levels of 275 patients across five clinical studies in relapsed or refractory PTCL, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL), and B-cell NHL.
Vorinostat (A/-hydroxy-A/'-phenyl-octanediamide), marketed under the name Zolinza[R] by Merck, was the one of the first HDACIs permitted for the treatment of CTCL by the FDA, in 2006.
They were four times more likely to develop CTCL (OR, 4.31).
Strong Ownership and Support: Under Fitch's Government-Related Entities (GRE) Rating Criteria, we assess CTCL's status, ownership and control by the Chinese government as 'Strong'.
Esta etapa se caracterizou pela insercao dos dados vetoriais (poligono da bacia carbonifera fornecido pelo CTCL) e dos dados matriciais descritos no Quadro 1.
Mycosis fungoides, the most common form of CTCL, can cause significant morbidity and mortality.
Minatani et al., "Elevated serum CTACK/CCL27 levels in CTCL," Journal of Investigative Dermatology, vol.
A previous history of CTCL, particularly within the draining region of the involved node, favors CTCL (Table 1).
En homenaje, entonces, a su legado de lectora, el comite cientifico del CTCL propuso, entre los objetivos del evento, indagar el campo de los estudios literarios relativos a la lectura y los lectores.
(2012) Skin effector memory T cells do not recirculate and provide immune protection in alemtuzumab-treated CTCL patients.