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CTCSCombat Camera Squadron (USAF)
CTCSCarcass Tension Control System
CTCSCategory Theory and Computer Science
CTCSCerberus Test Control System
CTCSSenior Chief Cryptologic Technician (Naval rating)
CTCSCertified Timber & Credible Suppliers (Malaysia)
CTCSCipher Text Clear to Send
CTCSContinuous Tone Controlled Squelch
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CTCs were enriched from EDTA blood using the size-dependent, label-free Parsortix system (ANGLE plc) as described previously (19, 20).
Associations between CTCs and clinical parameters were evaluated using a two-sided [chi square] test or one-way analysis of variance.
CTCs and CSSBs should plan on detaching mission-sized FLEs of MTVs, HETs, and gun trucks to operate within the BCT's area of operations.
Historically, CTCs were observed for the first time by Thomas Ashworth in the blood of a cadaver with metastatic cancer [26].
CTCs are the cells that shed into the vasculature from a primary tumor or metastases and circulate in the bloodstream.
The consumables for Jetta400 include a microfluidic chip designed and manufactured by DeNovo Sciences to isolate CTCs from a blood sample, as well as reagents required to capture and characterize CTCs using IHC, DNA FISH, and mRNA FISH.
12 August 2013 - Circulating tumour cells (CTC)-based biomarkers found in patients with breast cancer can be measured for sensitivity to US Nektar Therapeutics' (NASDAQ:NKTR) etirinotecan pegol (NKTR-102), as shown in a subanalysis of the ongoing Phase III BEACON study, OncLive wrote Friday.
This data-driven characterization of the CTCs and CSCslandscape is a hands-on document that can be used for competitive benchmarking, business planning, and strategy development—all the data that have been collected in this industry analysis are presented and they form the basis for the conclusions drawn throughout the market report presented in a format enabling “drag-and-drop” into business presentations/business plans—this Market Report is written and delivered to customers in Microsoft PowerPoint format.
Using the second-generation version of the CTC-chip, developed in collaboration with the MGH Center for Engineering in Medicine, the researchers first captured CTCs from mice genetically programmed to develop pancreatic cancer, one of the most deadly tumors since it is rarely diagnosed before spreading.
The scientists found that the test detected five or more CTCs per milliliter of blood in 80 percent of patients with metastatic prostate cancer, 70 percent of those with metastatic breast cancer, 50 percent of those with metastatic pancreatic cancer, and no healthy subjects.
In addition, study of such "circulating tumor cells" (CTCs) can expose basic mechanisms for invasion and metastasis.
Virtual colonoscopies, also known as CT colonoscopies or CTCs, eliminate the use of the long optical scope that is inserted into the rectum and snaked through the colon as used in a traditional, or optical, colonoscopy.