CTCUCentro Tutela Consumatori Utenti (Italian: Consumer Protection Center)
CTCUCreative PnP Configuration Utility
CTCUChannel and Traffic Control Unit
CTCUCommunity Trust Credit Union (various locations)
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ISnSC will also offer a CTCU platform, based on ISnSC's Providence
the CTCU has been working on developing a wide range of highly sophisticated
The CTCU will help leverage Law Enforcement Agencies' (LEA) existing
The CTCU Platform is based on Providence's engine developed
When she and Kent Rowley formed the CTCU, and when they brought together a larger union central, the Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU), they were disparaged and ridiculed.
The CTCU merged with the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) and Madeleine's accomplishments were increasingly recognized.
As a result, the CTCU relied on a few workers who spoke English to translate for the others.
Kent Rowley and Madeleine Parent had been militant union leaders in Quebec, organizing with the United Textile Workers of America, before breaking with the international unions and founding the CTCU as an independent union in 1954.
All had links to the world of student organizing, and would form the backbone of the CTCU before, during, and after Artistic.
After meeting Parent and Rowley, he went to work as a CTCU volunteer, assisting in organizing on top of his day job as a freelance writer, writing satires and radio documentaries for the CBC as well as his own highly successful plays.
The CTCU employed a deliberate strategy of distilling a strike down to a simple message that could be rallied around, in this case that of a shared belief in the rights of workers to unionize.
The initial number of employees in the CTCU bargaining unit was 115, although management claimed only 68 actually went on strike.