CTCZCarrier Tactical Control Zone
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volkameriana) lemon, besides the citrandarins (TSK x TRENG) 'Indio' and 'Riverside', and the hybrids CLEO x CTCZ--226, TSKFL x CTTR--017, TSKC x CTSW - 028, TSKFL x CTSW--049, TSKC x (LCR x TR)--001, TSKC x (LCR x TR)--018 and LVK x LVA--009, where TSK is 'Sunki' mandarin; TRENG is P trifoliata 'English', CLEO is 'Cleopatra' mandarin, CTCZ is 'Carrizo' citrange (C.
trifoliata 'English'), CLEO ('Cleopatra' mandarin), CTCZ ('Carrizo' citrange), TSKFL (Florida Sunki' mandarin), CTTR ('Troyer' citrange), TSKC (ordinary 'Sunki' mandarin), CTSW ('Swingle' citrumelo), TR (P.