CTDACeramic Tile Distributors Association
CTDACentral Tennessee Dressage Association
CTDACommerce Trade Descriptions Act (Australia)
CTDACentre Technique Dépannage Automobile (French: Automotive Troubleshooting Technical Center)
CTDACustom Tailors and Designers Association
CTDACockpit Thrust Drive Actuator
CTDAColin Thompson Design Associates (London, UK)
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The Cronbach's [alpha] values for three subscales are .91, .86, and .86, respectively, and the Cronbach's [alpha] for the entire questionnaire is .94, indicating that these subscales of the CTDA have reasonably satisfactory levels of reliability in assessing participants' critical thinking disposition.
Mean Item Scores and Standard Deviations for CTDA Subscales
Table 1 shows the mean item scores and standard deviations for the three subscales of the CTDA.
The Pearson correlation coefficient between any two categories in the CTDA was also calculated and results are presented in Table 2.
Concurrent validity, assessed by comparing one instrument with other measures, was used here to provide an indication of the true value of the CTDA, based upon a sample of 125 participants.
The preliminary results show that the CTDA has satisfactory validity and reliability and is best presented by a three-factor structure.
In terms of concurrent validity, there was a very high correlation between the CTDA overall score and the CTDS overall score (r = 0.90).
In light of these findings with regard to the scale's reliability and validity, we believe that the CTDA can be used as a formal instrument for the assessment of critical thinking disposition in medical care professionals and students.
According to the document submitted by FPL, its own professional staff would be engaged to support and drive the activities of the CTDA, however it notes that the proposed structure does not presume that FPL would be the body to run the consolidated tape.
FPL said strong governance would be needed by the CTDA to cope with potentially contentious issues arising from CESR's proposal, such as the tape being available "at a reasonable cost", "in as low latency a form as is reasonably possible" and that the "operator of the consolidated tape would be responsible for the detection of possible multiple publication".
The organisation notes that the CTDA would require initial start-up funding and resourcing although does not go so far as to suggest budgets.
Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister Rachid Harraoubia emphasized Wednesday the "exceptional" level of Algerian researchers of the Centre for Advanced Technologies Development (CTDA) have reached, pledging that all necessary resources "will be put at their disposal." "We have noticed that the level reached by the Algerian researchers of the CTDA and the Unity for Development of Silicon Technology (UDTS) is exceptional considering some constraints," Harraoubia affirmed following a visit to these two research institutions