CTDLCurrency Transaction Development Levy (economics; various nations)
CTDLCentral Texas Digital Library
CTDLCommon Targeting Data Link
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In comparison with other plant defensins, the deduced amino acid sequence of Ctdl is comprised of an [alpha]-helix and three anti-parallel [beta]-sheets forming a cysteine-stabilised [alpha][beta] motif (CS[alpha][beta]) [1,21].
The occurrence of the conserved motif [gamma]-core GXC([X.sub.3-9])C in Ctdl (GRCRDDLRC) containing the hairpin loop connecting [beta]-strands 2 and 3, suggests this region might be important for the activity of plant defensins (Figure 1) [46,36,33].
(ctdl) was successfully cloned and in silicocharacterized.