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CTDSConnective Tissue Disorder Site (website)
CTDSCentral Texas Dressage Society (Austin, TX; equestrian training and competition)
CTDSCommon Track Data Store
CTDSCar Tax Debt Setoff
CTDSCenter for Technology and Disabilities Studies (University of Washington)
CTDSContinuous-Time Dynamic System (mathematical modelling)
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The CTDS is an 11-item measure of critical thinking dispositions.
The concurrent validity of the CTDA was computed based on the relationships between scores on the CTDA and the CTDS, using Pearson product-moment correlations.
The ideal CTDS features collaborative authoring capabilities with role-based access control.
National Center for Health Statistics, more than 29 million workers suffer from CTDS caused by incorrect ergonomics.
CTDS are usually the result of performing repetitive tasks at work or at home.
The right CTDS allows you to optimize resources to complete submissions and should offer a familiar easy-to-use interface that doesn't require a change in behavior on the part of your users.