CTEHCenter for Toxicology and Environmental Health
CTEHCenter for Technological Education Holon (Israel)
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CTEH began working in the Gulf at the outset of the spill, which started April 20.
When CTEH first got to the Gulf, Millner and his team "put together what's called a job matrix, where we try to see the type of activities that will be occurring for spill cleanup," he said.
Cory Davis is manager of toxicology emergency response at CTEH.
He said many of the people who had reported illnesses were CTEH workers, and that most incidents of worker illness were the result of heat stress.
Some CTEH workers have become sick as a result of food-related causes, Davis said.
One involved a Chinese drywall manufacturer whose product proved to be defective, while others pertained to work CTEH performed for Murphy Oil Corp.
Both the letter and the article described CTEH as being the primary monitor of health issues in the Gulf and implied that the company had not released all of its testing results and methodologies to government agencies.
According to its own letter, CTEH is not the only monitor of environmental health issues, and it has made its testing results available to both government agencies and the public.
The validated laboratory community data we collect are provided to the EPA on a daily basis for inclusion into their public SCRIBE database," the CTEH letter stated.
Fred Blosser, a spokesman for NIOSH, confirmed via e-mail that CTEH had provided that agency with testing data.
CTEH and BP have been forthcoming in providing NIOSH with access to the CTEH data," he wrote.