CTEQCo-ordinated Theoretical-Experimental Project on QCD
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This section provides evidence that preparing technology- and engineering-literate students is not "left to chance" as the Change the Equation (CTEq, 2016) report suggests.
The first Change the Equation (CTEq) question addressed is, "Do they [students] ever have the opportunity to brainstorm designs in an iterative fashion to address a specific challenge?" The answer to that question is, yes.
The second CTEq question examined, "Do students build models to solve a problem?" Again, the answer is yes.
The third and final CTEq question examined was, "Do students ever have to design something with limited time or resources?" Again, the answer to that question is, yes.
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Rosen announced that CTEq will establish a set of criteria that guides the organization and its member companies in defining program success.
CTEq has an ambitious agenda for its first year, including creating a snapshot of existing STEM investments by its 100 member companies to establish a baseline of STEM programs.
Throughout the history of education, tinkering, manipulative activities, and hands-on experiences have played an important role in learning (CTEq, 2016).
students do not perform well on standardized tests, nor do they perform as desired on technology and engineering literacy assessments (CTEq, 2016).
"Change the Equation's corporate leaders are acutely aware of how critical STEM literacy is to the future of our young people and to our nation's economic vitality," CTEq's CEO Linda P.
CTEq notes that its STEMworks programs provide business leaders with the information necessary to ascertain that the "independently vetted" programs they're investing in are meeting high standards.
Learn more about CTEq at www.changetheequation.org/.