CTFPHCCanadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (formerly known as Canadian Task Force on the Periodic Health Examination)
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Understanding of and agreement with CTFPHC guidelines
5% of respondents were aware of the 2014 CTFPHC guidelines at the time of the survey, 80.
We then asked respondents to state their level of agreement with the CTFPHC report's recommendations on screening for three separate age groups of men (Figure-1).
Despite the disappointing response rate, our survey was able to collate the opinions and practices of over 1200 Canadian PCPs, and demonstrates the impact of the CTFPHC guidelines on prostate cancer screening in this country.
In addition, PCPs are screening men with lower urinary tract symptoms although these are not associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer diagnosis and this is clearly discussed in the CTFPHC recommendations.
The overarching goals and objectives of the CTFPHC to put forward evidence-based recommendations about clinical maneuvers aimed at primary and secondary prevention is important in our current healthcare landscape.
The CUA has released a number of excellent commentaries outlining some factual errors and concerns with interpretation of the CTFPHC document.
It would seem obvious that next steps need to focus on a concerted refinement of the CTFPHC living document, incorporating input from patients, primary care providers and our balanced and level-headed Canadian content experts.